Will wearing hearing aids affect hearing more and more?

Some hearing aids are indeed deaf as they are worn, such as those on a treasure that cost around two to three hundred or one thousand yuan and do not need to be fitted.Hearing aid.However, according to the hearing loss, a professional hearing organization will perform professional fittingHearing aid, Will not cause hearing loss.

The most important thing is that the damage of auditory hair cells is irreversible, except for some diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, three highs, tinnitus, vertigo, ear diseases (such as otitis media, etc.), ototoxic drugs (such as streptomycin, qing In addition to oxytetracycline, etc., the hearing will continue to decline. Long-term exposure to excessive noise will also cause damage to the auditory hair cells, which is why if the correct fitting is not performed, or the appropriate hearing aid is found, it may cause further hearing The reason for the drop. Therefore, we recommend that you choose a hearing aid that can be individually adjusted according to your personal hearing situation and has a good noise reduction effect.

Recommendations on whether to use a hearing aid: find out the reason, wear it as needed, and ensure the quality.

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