Hearing loss is already severe at the age of 40. Will it decline quickly in the future?

       Hearing loss includes conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss.The former is mainly caused by external ear canal and middle ear disease, and the latter is caused by inner ear disease. After neurological hearing loss, the older the age, the hearing will decline.

       2. Emotions are always optimistic, actively mediate their own bad mentality, and can appropriately develop some entertainment and puzzle activities.

       3. Avoid long-term exposure to noise to minimize the number and time of using headphones, stay away from noisy environments, and learn to use anti-noise earplugs.

       10. Wearing a hearing aid Hearing aid is currently one of the internationally recognized methods of compensating for hearing loss.Wearing a properly equipped hearing aid will not produce side effects and can even delay hearing loss.

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