What to do with neurological deafness?Does it have a big impact on the body?

How about neurological deafnessmanage?Does it have a big impact on the body?

      Except for sensory neurological deafness, sudden deafness cannot be cured by drugs or surgery.If the hearing meets the level of wearing hearing aids, it is recommended to intervene early to avoid continued hearing loss and prevent hearing loss.At the same time, avoid continuing excessive music stimulation of in-ear headphones.Reinforce your own exercise and review it regularly!Reduce the time of wearing headphones.

      1. Hearing impaired: the hearing range is shrinking and will become smaller and smaller, and the patient will be dull and sluggish due to the inability to hear outside sounds.

      2. Communication obstacles: it brings great inconvenience to people’s normal communication. When the patient communicates with others, he can only feel it with his eyes, and he cannot hear what the other person is saying and cannot conduct a normal conversation.

      3. Psychological barriers: hearing and communication barriers will seriously affect the psychology, causing patients to have pessimistic, stubborn, introverted psychological barriers, and their tempers will become very impatient, which affects family harmony.

      4. Neurological deafness refers to the disease of the auditory nerve of the inner ear and the auditory center of the brain, which causes hearing loss or even loss of hearing. It is often accompanied by tinnitus, and the main manifestations are unilateral or bilateral ears. The degree of progressive hearing loss until deafness is accompanied by tinnitus and stuffy ears. About half of the patients are accompanied by symptoms of dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

      In daily life, we all know how important hearing is to each of us. In our world, hearing is very important to our lives, such as communication, school work, etc. The pace of life is accelerating, and the pressure in life is increasing. Nowadays, many people, regardless of men, women, old and young, have tinnitus. I believe people are not unfamiliar with this. Tinnitus can affect hearing to a certain extent, and then affect life.

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