Does hearing loss increase the risk of falling for older people?

Hearing loss can cause older people to fallIs the risk of arrival increased?

       If you suffer fromHearing loss, In order to prevent hearing loss from causing further harm to your health, then actively intervene.

       Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly take a hearing test every year to detect hearing loss in time and select it.Hearing aid, Can effectively reduce the risk of falling.

       5. Clear obstacles in the home

       The survey shows that half of the falls of the elderly occur at home, and the improvement of the family environment can effectively reduce the risk of elderly falls.For example, put away obstacles that may affect the activities of the elderly, such as soft carpets; enhance the lighting of each room, install small lights in areas that are prone to fall; install handrails where necessary, such as toilets and aisles; Keep things within reach and avoid climbing.Falls are the leading cause of accidental deaths among people over 65 years of age.In addition to causing death, falls can also cause a large number of disabilities.Falling can make people who have fallen frightened.This fear leads to a decrease in physical activity, which leads to an increased risk of falls in the future.This is a vicious circle.It is recommended that the elderly take preventive measures and start now to reduce future risks.

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