How much do you know about noise-induced hearing loss?

“噪音性耳聋是职业病的一种,也是一种新型职业病,”据统计,从近三年的发病情况来看,发病人数有增多的趋势,根据2012年至2014年确诊的职业病情况统计,2013年这一数字呈现上升趋势,到2014年,又新增加了3例,应该引起警惕。噪声性听力损失是指,由于长期暴露在损害性噪声环境下所引起的进行性感音神经性Hearing loss.Lack of good ear habits and awareness of noise protection is currently a major cause of noise-induced hearing loss.made in ChinaHearing aidThe fitter said: In the United States, hearing loss has been regarded as the third chronic disease endangering human health.Whether adults or teenagers, prolonged exposure to high-intensity noise environments can induce noise-induced hearing loss.

How much noise will induce noise-induced hearing loss?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations: Long-term exposure to 85dB
In an environment with a noise level of A and above, there may be a risk of noise-induced hearing loss.In fact, it is not only the mechanical industrial noise environment that can cause noise-induced hearing loss.At present, the average noise level of most restaurants has reached 85dB
A, and listening to loud music for a long time is also a major factor in inducing noise-induced hearing loss.

What changes in the ears caused by noise?

When we are exposed to noise for a long time or are stimulated by high-intensity noise, the hair cells in the inner ear will be damaged and cause noise-induced hearing loss.These hair cells are a kind of tiny sensory cells in the inner ear, whose function is to convert sound energy into electrical signals, which are then transmitted to the brain.Once hair cells are damaged, they cannot be repaired.A recent study also found that noise can induce the inner ear to produce a molecule that damages or kills hair cells.

       What are the hazards of noise-induced hearing loss?


With the continuous development of cities, noise has gradually become a major factor endangering hearing health, and symptoms such as tinnitus and auditory hypersensitivity caused by noise have long been a problem for most people with hearing loss.Therefore, it is necessary to correctly understand the various noise levels in daily life and take effective preventive measures for hearing protection.

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