Young people deaf?Those of you who wear headphones a lot, do you know that you are hearing impaired?

       Hearing loss is not only caused by the elderly. Many young people do not pay attention to their hearing loss. If they suspect that their hearing loss is suspected, it is recommended to go to the hospital or hearing aid fitting center for a pure tone test as soon as possible.

       If there are 3 answers “yes” to the above question, you may haveHearing loss, It is recommended that you go to the hospital’s ENT department or hearing professional institution for examination as soon as possible.

       In addition, try to listen to music in a quiet environment. Use protective earplugs in a noisy environment, which can effectively block some noise and protect your hearing.

       Wearing headphones for a long time will affect the hearing of the ears. Try not to wear them for a long time. If others cannot hear you clearly, it is recommended that you go to a professional fitting center to have a hearing test. If your hearing is impaired, there is no way. Recovered, but you can intervene early to prevent continued hearing loss.

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