Is it useful to wear hearing aids for neurological deafness?

My hearing was not very good since I was a child. When I was a teenager, I went to the hospital to see neurological deafness. The symptoms were that I couldn’t hear what other people were saying and couldn’t understand what it meant. I could still communicate when talking at close range, but I couldn’t hear clearly when I was a little farther away. I couldn’t tell the direction of the sound even after I said it. Even if I heard the sound, I couldn’t hear what was said. It has continued until the age of 28 and has never been treated.I want to know if I now matchHearing aid, Is it still useful?A teenage boyHearing aid, I don’t wear it again after wearing it a few times, because it feels like I can only make my voice louder when I wear it, but I still can’t hear what is said.

For the above-mentioned situation, Zou Yong, a senior Chinese-made optician, said that for neurologicalHearing loss, Until now, there is no definite cure, only hearing aids are used as auxiliary means.In addition, hearing aids require a relatively long period of time to adapt. The length of time depends on your hearing loss and resolution.Of course, the choice of hearing aids also needs to be determined based on your actual hearing loss and your personal living environment.

To choose a hearing aid, you can go to a professional hearing aid organization to do a hearing test, and then fit it according to the hearing loss, so that you can choose the right model.The fitter selects and matches according to the actual degree of hearing loss. Different hearing loss conditions have different programming compensations, and the sound is clear and the wearing effect is very good.

Is it still useful to wear hearing aids for more than 20 years of neurological deafness?

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