Will children be deaf?

Will children be deaf?

      The reason why otitis media is emphasized is that if children suffer from chronic otitis media, if they are not treated in time, they will often develop into sensory nerve deafness.In life, parents often cause their children to suffer from otitis media due to various negligence.A cold is one of the main causes of otitis media. Preventing a cold can reduce the chance of otitis media.Incorrect methods of blowing your nose can also cause otitis media.The correct way to blow your nose:      Hold one nostril with your finger, blow out the nasal mucus from the other nostril with a little force, and then blow the other side with the same method.If the infant is feeding on the supine position, because the infant’s Eustachian tube is relatively straight, has a short lumen and a wider inner diameter, milk can choke into the middle ear through the Eustachian tube and cause otitis media.Therefore, the mother should take the sitting position when feeding the baby, pick up the baby in an oblique position, and suck the milk leaf on the head upright.

      Due to hearing impairment and delayed language development, compared with normal children, the formation and development of unintentional attention and intentional attention of children with hearing disabilities are slower.The stability of intentional attention of children with hearing disabilities is poor, and they need activities to support and attract, so that they are in an active state of activity.In addition, it is difficult for children with hearing disabilities to distribute their attention.Ordinary children can use eyes, ears, hands, and brain together,      At the same time, it produces concentration of vision, hearing and thinking.Hearing impaired children cannot see and hear at the same time, visual excitement and auditory excitement cannot be produced together, and the proper distribution of attention cannot be achieved.

      It is necessary to clarify the extent of the child’s deafness, whether it is mild deafness, moderate or severe deafness, and secondly, clarify the cause of the child’s deafness, and treat for different reasons. It is due to inflammation caused by otitis media, hearing loss, and ear development problems. The structure does not grow well. The resulting hearing loss is due to hearing loss caused by the inner ear.Otitis media caused by inflammation actively treats inflammation, also known as secretory otitis media, where fluid is placed in the ears and drugs are used to absorb and discharge the fluid.Unrecoverable deafness should be detected and treated early, and early hearing compensation, including hearing aids and other hearing implants, such as cochlear implants.

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