What behaviors can hurt our ears?

      One: Always wear headphones to listen to songs. If you wear headphones to listen to songs in the subway over 80 decibels, in order to hear the sound clearly, people often turn up the volume.If there is excessive sound stimulation for a long time, the hair cells of the cochlea will have metabolic disorders and insufficient blood and oxygen supply, resulting in damage to the peripheral receptors, resulting in noise-induced hearing problems.Not only that, the earphones tightly plug the external auditory canal, high-volume audio sound pressure will directly enter the ear, causing irreversible hearing damage.

      Four: Go to KTV frequently. Research shows that 37% of hearing disabilities are closely related to noise damage.Noise will slowly damage people’s hearing. In entertainment venues with high volume such as KTV, the frequency and time of the zone should be controlled as much as possible.It is worth reminding that people who have a cold or are too tired should try not to go to places with loud noises. At this time, their immunity is weak. If they are attacked by high-decibel noise again, they may cause sudden deafness.

      Nine: Blow and suck your nose vigorously.Suck or blow your nose vigorously, it is easy to cause secretory otitis media or cholesteatoma-type purulent otitis media.The doctor said that if you blow your nose hard, the nose will run from the airway to other places, which directly changes the pressure in the ears, which may squeeze part of the nasal mucus into the sinuses, causing sinusitis, or it may squeeze the nose into the tear duct and cause conjunctiva. Infection, even invading the Eustachian tube, causing otitis media.

      It is recommended that you pay attention to your health in your daily life, because once you accidentally suffer from a respiratory tract infection, if it is not treated in time, it will easily cause otitis media, especially in the cold winter, when upper respiratory tract infections, colds and other diseases often appear. More attention should be paid to prevent the health of the ears from being affected and harmed.

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