How to recover from sudden neurological deafness?

       Some patients with sudden deafness in life can recover. Sudden deafness mainly refers to sudden hearing loss in clinical practice, which occurs in one ear of the patient.It is caused by anxious getting angry, poor rest, and staying up late, and it is also related to the blood circulation and poor neurotroph of the inner ear.In terms of treatment, hormones are actively used to improve the remission of circulatory and nutrient nerve drugs. Commonly used clinically are methylprednisolone tablets, citicoline sodium capsules, safflower injection, alprostadil injection or vinpocetine injection.The normal course of treatment is 7-14 days, and some patients may get better or even heal, but some patients may not have much effect.Therefore, patients must maintain a positive attitude and take active treatment to avoid long-term deafness.

       Sudden neurological deafness is generally considered to have a great relationship with neurological factors. It is due to neurological damage that can easily cause deafness and hearing loss.You can use oral nourishing nerve drugs for medication treatment. At the same time, you must also pay attention to strengthening nutrition and eat more protein-rich foods.At the same time, pay attention to get out of noisy environment.

       With the accelerated pace of life, the increase in social pressure, and the irregularities of people’s lifestyle, the incidence of sudden deafness has shown a significant increase. Almost every week, several patients with sudden deafness will be encountered, and the age has gradually become younger. , So that the popular saying “suddenly deaf prefers white-collar workers”.

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