What should I do if my speech resolution is not good and my hearing is unclear?

      Once hearing loss, it’s impossible to return to the past. Many patients say that I can hear louder without wearing a hearing aid, so I don’t wear it.Hearing aid, The result of this is that the speech resolution will gradually decrease over time (heard, inaudible)!The advantage of wearing a hearing aid is that it can effectively compensate for the loss of hearing. It assists the patient in communicating and reading frequently, thereby improving speech resolution. Hearing loss is irreversible, but speech resolution can be improved through practice.

      There are many people who are not very familiar with hearing aids and feel that their hearing is the same as normal people when they wear a hearing aid.The hearing of the general elderly is progressiveHearing loss, That is, as time goes by, I slowly feel that I can’t hear what others are saying, especially in a noisy environment.This is due to the loss of certain frequency bands. If words in these frequency bands are not heard for a long time, speech will be lost, resulting in “speech degradation”. At this time, the brain’s ability to recognize speech is also degrading.The longer the hearing loss, the worse the speech recognition.

      1. Hearing aids compensate for the sound, and understanding the sound still depends on the cooperation of your own brain.

      2. Once hearing loss is found, wear it as soon as possibleHearing aid, To make up the lost frequency band as soon as possible.

      3. After wearing the hearing aid, don’t make the sound too loud or too small, otherwise it will be difficult to hear.Be moderate and comfortable.

      4. After wearing a hearing aid, when chatting with others, ask the person you are chatting with to speak slowly to give the brain a process of response.

      5. It’s best to ask your family to read the newspaper for 20 minutes a day, and then narrate it after listening until the narrative is correct. Be sure to persist.

      6. The most important point is that some people who are at a loss have autism due to poor communication with others and do not like to talk.Wearing hearing aids and communicating with others can effectively improve your speech ability.

      Patients with poor hearing will cause a decline in speech recognition ability for a long time. The longer the hearing loss, the worse the speech recognition ability will be, that is, they can hear the sound but cannot hear what they are saying. They need language training after hearing aids are fitted in the later stage. It will recover after a long time, so it is recommended to intervene as soon as possible if the hearing is not good enough to protect residual hearing and delay hearing loss.

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