What should I do if my ears can’t hear clearly?

      If you cannot hear clearly, you should go to the hospital for examination in time.A specialist doctor will conduct a preliminary examination and complete some related auxiliary examinations, such as pure tone audiometry, acoustic immittance, auditory brainstem response or mastoid CT, etc., in order to make a correct judgment.If the hearing loss is caused by the embolism of the ear canal cerumen, the ear canal cerumen can be cleaned to improve the hearing; otitis media and perforation of the tympanic membrane may also cause hearing loss. It should be analyzed and dealt with according to the situation. For acute inflammation Patients can be treated with antibiotics, and for some patients in stable stage, those who are suitable for surgery can perform breast surgery.Other hearing loss caused by inner ear diseases, such as presbycusis, sudden deafness, Meniere’s disease, etc., should be treated to improve circulation and nourish nerves, and choose different treatment methods according to different reasons.

      For the identification of hearing, we (including doctors in hospitals) have been accustomed to relying on pure tone audiograms.Pure tone audiogram can tell us clearly the degree of hearing loss (averageHearing loss), which reflects the decline of the patient’s hearing sensitivity (hearing acuity), or represents the decline of the patient’s ability to perceive sound size.But the pure tone audiogram does not tell us the quality of the patient’s auditory discrimination ability.In fact, any deafness involves both hearing acuity and resolution. Some people lose more resolution and some lose less.

      In an environment that is too noisy, because the signal itself becomes ambiguous, people with normal hearing cannot hear clearly; similar situations can occur if the signal is too small.For example, the sound of the TV is too low for us to hear clearly.But this is not the whole problem.

      We can also reason in reverse: damage to the inner ear or/and the auditory center is the main cause of inaudibility.Unfortunately, most patients with sensorineural hearing loss have damage to the inner ear and auditory center, but the degree is different.Therefore, most people with sensorineural hearing loss will complain about hearing but not being able to hear clearly.

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