Who is more likely to suffer from tinnitus and deafness, young or old?

      When it comes to ear diseases, many people think it is a senile disease. However, in modern life, due to uncontrolled surfing on the Internet, long-term staying up late, heavy drinking and smoking, excessive fatigue at work, etc., it is caused by lack of sleep and disturbance of the rhythm of the body’s biological clock. With various physical discomforts, many people overdraw a lot of energy and physical fitness.According to statistics from relevant departments, tinnitus has become a modern common disease, and it is getting younger and younger.

      5. For some special occupations, employees must work in a very noisy environment. For example, the noise of a shipyard is very loud, or some DJ work is much louder than ordinary people. Such people are also particularly easy. There is neurological deafness.

      Studies have shown that 80% of people with tinnitus have deafness, and 20% do not have deafness but only tinnitus. Does tinnitus cause hearing loss? There is no inevitable connection between tinnitus and hearing loss.Hearing loss may occur after tinnitus for a long time, but this kind of hearing loss is often related to the disease that causes tinnitus, rather than hearing loss caused by tinnitus, and some people have not experienced tinnitus for many years despite hearing loss.

      Tinnitus and deafness do not necessarily occur at the same time in clinical practice. The two may occur alone or at the same time, or they may occur sequentially, so long-term tinnitus does not necessarily lead to the appearance of deafness.In some patients, long-term tinnitus does not affect the patient’s hearing. In clinical practice, tinnitus is mainly related to the blood circulation of the patient’s inner ear and the nutritional properties of the nerves.Therefore, clinically, if the patient has long-term tinnitus, drugs that improve circulation and nourish nerves can be taken orally.The most commonly used clinically are Ginkgo biloba extract tablets and Citicoline Sodium Capsules.It can also be treated with acupuncture, which will be more obvious in clinical practice.If the patient is accompanied by hearing loss, it is recommended that the patient can wear itHearing aid, To improve the quality of life of patients.Patients can also wear headphones and listen to light music to relieve the discomfort caused by tinnitus.

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