Noise is an important cause of hearing loss in young people

made in ChinaHearing aidSenior optician Zou Yong said that at least a quarter of young people now overestimate their hearing status, ignoring that they have a hearing disease.In the research,56Average age of university students21Years old, under investigation, they believed that their hearing was normal, but the hearing test later found that,25%Of people have varying degrees at one or more frequenciesHearing loss, Among these students with hearing loss,7%The loss is between speech frequencies, which will affect normal communication.There are many factors that induce tinnitus, such as noise pollution, excessive mental stress, and some systemic diseases can also cause tinnitus, such as high blood pressure, anemia, hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc., can also cause tinnitus, and some drugs can cause tinnitus. Such as gentamicin, streptomycin, carbomycin, etc. can also cause tinnitus.

The hearing impaired population is getting younger

Noise-induced hearing loss is getting younger and younger, and the risk of hearing loss in young people is increasing, which is a new feature.According to recent data, there are hearing disabilities in our country2780Million, and there are more than30Wan, is the country with the most hearing disabilities in the world.Noise is one of the important causes of hearing disabilities.In recent years, with the popularization of electronic products such as mobile phones and tablet computers and the increase in entertainment venues such as karaoke bars and bars, the public, especially young people, are at an increasing risk of noise-induced hearing damage due to improper use of ears. Related domestic and foreign studies have shown that,12%To15%The hearing health of young people is affected by entertainment noise, which arouses the attention of the whole society to non-professional noise, especially entertainment noise.

Noise-induced deafness should be prevention

Noise is one of the important causes of hearing disabilities, but the resulting hearing damage is preventable and deserves attention.The common factors that cause noise-induced tinnitus and deafness include not only setting off firecrackers, but also being in a noisy environment for a long time, such asKtv, Bars, production workshops and roads, etc., like to singkClubbing, workshop workers and drivers are among the high-risk groups.

Unlike sudden deafness, which is highly curable, noise-induced deafness is an irreversible injury that can even lead to lifelong hearing loss. Prevention should be the focus.When you need to be in a noisy environment for a long time, you can wear earplugs for protection; when using headphones to listen to songs, you should pay attention to the volume and duration; when hearing damage caused by hypertension and diabetes, you should pay attention to diet; in addition, not frequent or excessive Pull your ears hard.

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