Why can’t my ears hear the sound?

     5. Environmental factors can cause sudden deafness. For example, the sound of disco bars and dance halls is relatively strong, and the low-frequency noise of electronic equipment, etc., many people have not noticed the harm caused by these sounds. If they often live in this environment , People’s hearing will cause certain damage, and modern young people’s mental pressure and psychological pressure are relatively large, and they will also suffer sudden deafness.

     6. The symptoms of sudden inability to hear the ears due to excessive work pressure or other reasons make many people feel very scared. This is a symptom of sudden tinnitus.Sudden tinnitus is caused by a bad lifestyle, such as excessive fatigue, staying up late and working overtime, playing online games all night, playing mahjong, etc., leading to lack of sleep, and insufficient blood supply to the inner ear due to vascular tension.

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