What should I do if infants and young children have abnormal hearing?

      If it is a newborn baby, and hearing problems are found during the screening process, mothers don’t worry, because the newborn baby may be caused by amniotic fluid in the ears.Generally, after the baby spit out the amniotic fluid completely, the hearing will be restored. Before rechecking, observe the baby’s sensitivity to sound more.If there is a sound in the outside world, the baby will respond accordingly, indicating that there is no problem with hearing.If the reaction is slow or there is no reaction at all, it is recommended to check again after the confinement.

      When it is found that the child has hearing problems, parents should take the child to the hospital for examination. Once it is determined that there is a hearing problem, timely intervention and treatment should be given under the guidance of a doctor.For children with mild to moderate deafness, most of the hearing can be restored to normal after early rehabilitation treatment; for children with severe and severe deafness, hearing aids or cochlear implants are required to improve hearing when necessary.Although the child can hear the sound after treatment, he does not know what the sound is and the meaning of the sound, let alone how to distinguish the sound. Therefore, language training after hearing recovery is essential for the child. 0-3 years old is the most critical stage of early language rehabilitation training for deaf children. The clinical intervention of early language rehabilitation for deaf children can effectively improve the hearing, language ability and self-care ability of the child, thereby improving the quality of life of the child .

      For small babies, because the eardrums are relatively thin, they cannot tolerate excessive or loud sound stimulation, which may affect their hearing.So keep your baby away from the voice as much as possible, which is very helpful to the normal development of his hearing.At the same time, don’t give your baby earwax at will.In addition to the function of preventing the intrusion of external moisture, earwax also has a certain protective effect on the eardrum.If the hearing of a 2-year-old baby is not very good, audiological rehabilitation can be used for treatment, and it can be cured slowly.

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