Expert: 50% of hearing loss can be prevented

Watch out for warning signs of presbycusis

“Oh, how come my ears are always loud?” During this time, Old Man Xia always felt that his ears were not listening. He always interrupted when he listened to other people’s speech. He often couldn’t hear what others were saying. The family members also always Complained that he turned on the TV too loudly and noisy.But to him, it sounds normal.This attracted attention as soon as I went to the hospital.Like Mr. Xia’s situation, elderly people report most commonly.The appearance of tinnitus is usually an early warning signal of hearing loss, and it is an early manifestation or accompanying symptom of senile hearing impairment.

According to Chinese experts, presbycusis is a hearing impairment caused by aging. It first manifests as a gradual decline in high-frequency hearing, and then a full-range hearing loss. The patient likes to interrupt. In severe cases, it can cause communication problems and induce Alzheimer’s. disease.

Weapon Prevention: [Key Words] Stay away from noise, use ototoxic drugs with caution, treat geriatric diseases, and supplement zinc

The elderly do not wear hearing aids to prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Due to the decline of the physiology of the elderly, the function of the hearing system is also weakened day by day.Some elderly people have reduced communication with the outside world due to hearing loss, psychologically withdrawn, and even senile dementia, which seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly.Elderly wear as soon as possibleHearing aidIt can not only reduce the degree of hearing loss and maintain normal hearing activities, but also prevent the elderly from being affected in their later years.

Deaf-mute people do not wear hearing aids affect language ability

Deaf children and adult deaf-mute people need to wear it in timeHearing aid.Early intervention should be implemented for deaf children, including early diagnosis and detection, early wearing of hearing aids and early hearing and language training for deaf children, which can ideally restore hearing and improve language skills; for adult deaf-mute people, first accurately test out For the patient’s hearing, determine whether there is residual hearing. If there is residual hearing, go to a professional hearing aid fitting center for fitting in time.

People with bilateral hearing loss do not wear hearing aids to lose residual hearing

Can be worn by both deaf patients who can hear sound while wearing hearing aidsHearing aid.In principle, deafness is divided into two categories: those with obstacles in transmitting sound to the inner ear are called conductive deafness; those with problems in the inner ear’s sound perception and auditory nerves are called sensorineural deafness.In the above two cases, hearing aids with different performances and professional hearing rehabilitation training can be used to improve hearing.

People with unilateral deafness do not wear hearing aids to damage their hearing

Some deaf patients think that hearing aids are not necessary for unilateral deafness. This is a very wrong understanding.Because unilateral deafness will not only bring a lot of inconvenience to life, but also loss of hearing in the other ear.Hearing activities in one ear will consume more energy, make the ear in a long-term overloaded work state, and hearing loss will occur over time.Mr. Xu Yong suggested that patients with unilateral deafness must not ignore this problem, go to a professional hearing aid fitting center as soon as possible to test their hearing, and choose a hearing aid.

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