The elderly have poor hearing. What will be the harm if they do not intervene?

Wait until the hearing loss becomes severeHearing loss, When you consider wearing a hearing aid, the effect will be much worse than that of mild or moderate hearing loss, and there may even be a situation of “hearing but not understanding”.

       Due to hearing loss, the elderly will experience difficulties in communication and reduced communication in life, and the sound stimulation the brain receives will also be reduced. Therefore, more energy is needed to process sounds, thereby sacrificing some energy that was originally used to process memory and thinking. If things go on like this, it will lead to a decline in the thinking ability and memory of the elderly, so they lose social interest, gradually isolate themselves from the outside world, become reticent and psychologically inferior.

       Suggestion: help the elderly to establish a good hobby.The biggest difficulty of the deaf elderly is the lack of motivation to live. They can help the elderly buy some favorite animals to increase the richness of their lives.Let him interact with relatives and friends more.Family members often talk to him, even though he can’t hear them all. The conversation is not only about conveying information, but also an expression of love.Close actions can comfort the old man’s heart more than words.Accompany the elderly to walk and play more often.Children and wives should often accompany the elderly to take a walk outside, and use sight, touch, smell, and taste to compensate for their hearing shortcomings.

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