How parents protect the residual hearing of hearing-impaired children

1.Viral infectious diseases need to be prevented.Some viral infectious diseases can often cause deafness. The more common colds and measles and mumps that are popular among children are all caused by viral infections.Deafness caused by virus infection is generally difficult to treat, especially if the auditory organ has been damaged. If it is attacked by the virus again, it may further develop or worsen the remaining hearing.Therefore, we must pay special attention to and care about the health of hearing-impaired children.Pay attention to proper physical exercise to improve the body’s disease resistance.Try to avoid contact between hearing-impaired children and cold patients.When a child with measles or mumps is found, take special care not to let children with hearing loss come in contact with them, so as not to be infected.

2.Antibiotics that are toxic to the ear should be avoided.At present, the most commonly used antibiotics in hospitals, such as streptomycin, kanamycin, and gentamicin, cause severe hearing damage, and the damage to ears caused by these drugs is usually irreversible.When a child is ill and seeks medical attention, he should first tell the doctor that the child is deaf, and try to avoid using drugs that are toxic to the ears.

3.Diseases of the nose and pharynx should be prevented and treated.If children with hearing loss suffer from acute nasopharyngeal diseases, such as acute rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, or the original nasopharynx has chronic diseases, active treatment is required.Due to the onset of these parts, the inflammation can spread to the Eustachian tube of the nasopharynx, causing blockage of the Eustachian tube, which is not conducive to the balance of air pressure in the middle ear and the excretion of secretions, resulting in aggravation of the original deafness.

4.Pay attention to the health care of remaining hearing.Children with sensorineural deafness, although medication cannot improve hearing, they should be under the guidance of a doctor to appropriately use drugs that are beneficial to the metabolism of the auditory nerve and auditory cells, such as vitamin B1, adenosine triphosphate, etc., to control and slow down the deafness as much as possible develop.You can also eat some lean meat, liver, and foods and vegetables rich in vitamin B.Daily massage of the acupuncture points in front of the tragus of hearing-impaired children is beneficial to the protection of the remaining hearing. A hearing test is done for children with hearing loss in March or 3 months. The hearing test is best performed in the same hospital.Save the results of each hearing test, and compare and observe the hearing changes of hearing-impaired children in turn.

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