If a child is born with hearing loss, should he wear a hearing aid or a cochlea?

      Children whose main hearing loss is 80-90 decibels are at the junction of hearing aids and cochlear implants. Many parents don’t know how to choose. It is recommended to wear them firstHearing aid, To do a comprehensive evaluation in nine months, if all levels show that the hearing aid compensation effect is not bad, then wear it directlyHearing aid, Do not consider the cochlea.If the comprehensive evaluation effect is not very satisfactory, it is still recommended that parents choose cochlear implants, otherwise it will affect the child’s language expression ability, comprehension ability, and many other problems caused by poor listening.

      Hearing aid (Hearing Aid) is a tool, equipment, device, and instrument that helps people with hearing disabilities improve their hearing impairment and improve their ability to communicate and communicate with others.There are two types of hearing aids, electric and non-electric, and the latter is currently obsolete.The former has two types: tube type and transistor type.Transistor hearing aids are the most dexterous and lighter. They have replaced the tube type and have been widely adopted since they came out in 1950.Broadly speaking, all kinds of devices that can effectively transmit sound to the ear can be regarded as a hearing aid. In a narrow sense, a hearing aid is an electro-acoustic amplifier, which amplifies the sound so that the deaf person can not hear it. The sound of this device is a hearing aid.

      3. The cochlear implant is to compensate for severe to severe deafnessHearing loss; And hearing aids can only compensate for severe hearing loss at most.

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