Can I watch movies for sudden tinnitus?

You should not go. Although tinnitus has treatment methods, it is still a recognized medical problem in the world. Especially after tinnitus, I don’t know whether the doctor has given you hearing test and ultrasound. Usually, tinnitus will increase with the increase of external sounds. Increase, I suggest you wait until the movie is offline before downloading it, this will guarantee your health to a certain extent.

The causes of sudden tinnitus are more complicated, mainly including the patient’s stress, the existence of underlying diseases (such as high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia), and vasospasm.

Hearing aids and cochlear implants can improve tinnitus in patients with hearing loss. Studies have shown that 34%-93% of patients have their tinnitus disappeared or reduced under electrical stimulation of the auditory pathway.However, it should be noted that cochlear implants are only suitable for patients who meet the implantation standards. Before considering cochlear implant implantation, a comprehensive evaluation of the patient is required.

In daily life, we can improve our body’s “combat power” through healthy living habits.Keep eating regularly, live a regular life, release stress in time, and keep your body in a better state. “Sudden tinnitus” will be far away from us.

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