Does electrical noise affect hearing health?


Home appliance noise is harmful

1. The noise of home appliances is harmful to children’s physical and mental health

Because children are immature, the tissues and organs are very delicate and fragile. Whether it is a fetus or a newly born child, noise can damage the auditory organs and cause hearing loss or loss.According to statistics, there are more than 7000 million deaf people in the world today, and a considerable part of them are caused by noise.Expert research has proved that indoor noise in the home is the main cause of children’s deafness. If living in a noise above 85 decibels, deafness can reach 5%.

2. Noise from home appliances interferes with rest and sleep

Rest and sleep are necessary conditions for people to eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength and maintain health.But the noise makes people uneasy, and it is difficult to rest and fall asleep.When a person is unable to fall asleep, he will get tense, short of breath, pulse beating, brain excitement, the next day will feel tired, or limb weakness, which affects work and study, and over time, will get neurasthenia , Manifested as insomnia, tinnitus, fatigue.

3. Noise from home appliances reduces work efficiency

Studies have found that noise exceeding 85 decibels can make people feel upset. People will feel noisy and cannot concentrate on work. As a result, work efficiency will be reduced.

4. Noise from household appliances can damage eyesight


Noise from home appliances can damage hearing

5. Strong noise can cause ear discomfort, such as tinnitus, earache, and hearing loss

It is determined that noise exceeding 115 decibels can also cause deafness.According to clinical medical statistics, if living in a noise environment above 80 decibels, it can cause up to 50% of the deaf.Medical experts believe that household noise is one of the causes of deafness and dumbness in children.

To reduce or avoid household noise hazards, first try not to put noisy electrical appliances in the same room.For example, the washing machine should be placed in the patio or bathroom as much as possible.Do not put the refrigerator in the bedroom. The wall should not be too smooth. You can hang some picture frames on the wall to beautify the room and reduce indoor echo.In addition, it is best to put a few potted flowers indoors, not only to adjust the microclimate, but also to reduce the noise.

Don’t turn on the volume too high when watching TV or listening to the radio, only the right volume can feel the melodious music.If you stay in an environment above 100 decibels for several hours, it will cause irreversible damage to your hearing.


Does electrical noise affect hearing health?

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