The elderly wear hearing aids to reduce the risk of falls

Recently, the “International Herald Tribune” published an article stating that65Among American seniors over the age of, on average,3There is1A bit can wrestle.As we age, wrestling will become more common.A good sense of balance depends on the following three contributions: one is vision, the other is proprioceptors on the soles of the feet, and the third is the vestibule of the inner ear.Aging usually causes the functions of these three sense organs to gradually decline. In addition, muscle weakness and slow response associated with aging can also affect the sense of balance.

made in ChinaHearing aidExperts point out that the sense of balance is in a person20It begins to degenerate from a few years old, and relevant measures need to be taken to maintain or restore this ability, such as standing on one leg when brushing teeth, or walking with the front heel touching the back toe.A study conducted by otolaryngologists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis in the United States found that elderly people with hearing loss improved their balance ability after using hearing aids.This new discovery supports the view that elderly people with poor hearing can reduce their risk of falls by taking measures to improve their hearing.

This study selected14Name is at65 ~ 91Elderly people between the ages, they all have different degrees of hearing impairment.The researchers used standard balance tests to measure their body posture balance ability when the hearing aids worn by their ears were both turned on and turned off.When the hearing aid is turned off, the average duration of the participant’s physical stability is17Seconds; and when the hearing aids are turned on, the average duration of their body stability is nearly26second.Although the scale of this study is small, it shows for the first time that the sound itself (as opposed to the balance system of the inner ear) helps people maintain a balanced body posture.

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