What is the cause of frequent tinnitus?

What is the cause of frequent tinnitus?

      Tinnitus often occurs. This may be caused by excessive nervousness, fire, or insufficient blood supply to the brain. It is best to find out the cause through physical examination before treatment.There are many reasons for insufficient blood supply to the brain, and it cannot be treated blindly. It can only be treated symptomatically after the examination. You should also pay more attention to rest, avoid staying up late, avoid drinking and smoking, and strengthen your nutrition.If the body is getting worse and the mental state is not good, you still have to get treatment in time, so you must pay attention to nutritional balance, ensure adequate sleep, and improve your resistance.

      Tinnitus patients usually feel that there is a sound in their ears, such as the “wheezing” sound of the violent wind, the “buzzing” sound when they know it, and the sound of the heart “booming”.Various sounds that do not exist in the outside world sound in the patient’s ears, making it difficult for the patient to sleep and feel irritable.So, what are the causes of tinnitus?

      Tinnitus can also occur in vascular diseases, such as glomus jugularis, dilation of small blood vessels in the ear, vascular malformations, hemangioma, etc. Tinnitus from veins is mostly noisy, and tinnitus from arteries is consistent with the pulse.

      XNUMX. Causes of systemic diseases

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