Does the noise environment affect tinnitus?

Does the noise environment affect tinnitus?

      The strongest sound that the human ear can withstand is usually 90 decibels. If it exceeds this limit, even if you can’t feel it, the fragile and sensitive inner ear has been damaged.Irregular, strong irritating noise is more harmful to hearing.The sound intensity of karaoke halls, discos and amusement halls often exceeds 115 decibels. Often in such an environment, tinnitus is prone to occur.

      The impact is great, and the impact of noise on people is huge.He not only has an impact on the ears, but also has serious damage to people’s eyesight and brain.Sudden excessive noise intensity can easily lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, and stubborn brain diseases.Protect yourself from staying in a noisy environment for a long time.

      With the development of society and the progress of industrialization, noise pollution is the biggest hazard to our hearing at present, such as mechanical earthwork operators, workers in textile factories, shipyards, and even people who often work on the side of the road. In the presence of high-decibel noise pollution, patients who receive daily consultations are often disappointed to find that workers do not know how to prevent noise pollution, and some even give up the use of earplugs that play a small role because they are uncomfortable.For young people, listening to rock music for a long time, participating in dance hall activities, and playing computer games with headphones, all these are quietly damaging young people’s hearing, but because these hearing impairments are basically caused by high frequency At the beginning, the high frequency is difficult for people to detect quickly, so when it is discovered, it has been irreversible.According to clinical observations, this type of noise-induced hearing loss often occurs after a period of time away from the noise environment.

      Therefore, preventing noise pollution is the top priority, and it is also very easy for ordinary people to do.The key is to know the hazards of noise.Generally, as the number of sound decibels increases, the time of exposure to sound is relatively shortened.In particular, you should know that wearing headphones to listen to music in a loud noise environment, such as in buses, airplanes and other places, the outside noise is very loud. If you want to listen to the music clearly, you will inevitably increase the volume, and the volume at this time is often more than that of people. It’s very easy to cause hearing damage, but the huge noise around makes people lose their judgment!

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