Can I smoke if I have tinnitus?

Can I smoke if I have tinnitus?

      Smoking addicts have a dominant sympathetic nerve endings, which will increase blood pressure, which is a common effect.When the blood pressure rises, it will inevitably affect the blood supply of certain organs, and reduce the blood supply to the contraction area of ​​the minimal arterial spasm.When the blood supply to the cochlea part is reduced, the cochlear structure will undergo ischemic changes, and the cochlear function will decrease, resulting in tinnitus or aggravation of the original tinnitus symptoms.

      When annoying tinnitus occurs, first of all, don’t rush to watch the changes. Recall whether there are irregularities in your daily life, whether you have not sleep well, or whether you are often in a noisy environment.Go to bed early and get up early to ensure adequate rest time. Don’t think about too many questions. Let your mind be as free as possible, relax and be more comfortable.In the meantime, it’s best to let yourself stay in a relaxed and quiet environment, don’t stimulate your ears with any high or low decibels; do something you like to distract.

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