Do people who are deaf really can’t hear the sound?

       Hearing cannot be restored because of the damage to the auditory nerve. Ear diseases may cause damage to the auditory nerve after a long time. Therefore, once you start to feel hearing loss, it is best to go to the otolaryngology department to describe the symptoms and have a comprehensive hearing. Check to confirm whether there is a problem.

       25 decibels is a cut-off point. If you can’t hear it even if you have mild hearing impairment, if you can’t hear it under 40 decibels, it’s moderate. It’s about at a quiet night when the wind blows over the leaves and makes a rustling sound. You can’t hear it under 55 decibels. Even if it is severe, it meets the standards of the disability manual and needs to be wornHearing aid, Is about the volume of our daily speech, the worst can reach 90 decibels, that is, the sound of buses and MRT pits.

       If the patient is deaf, he must go to the hospital’s ENT department for detailed examination.It is recommended that patients perfect pure tone audiometry and acoustic immittance.Clarify the specific degree and type of deafness in the patient.At the same time, CT of the middle ear can be improved to rule out whether there are any abnormalities in the anatomical structure.For patients with neurological deafness, drugs that improve circulation and nourish nerves can be used.Commonly used clinically are Batroxobin injection, Xueshuantong injection or Vinpocetine injection.Patients with neurotrophic drugs can choose adenosylcobalamin intramuscular injection, or oral mecobalamin dispersible tablets.If it is conductive deafness, it is often caused by inflammation in the middle ear cavity of the patient.It is recommended that patients actively anti-inflammatory, oral cephalosporin antibiotics, and levofloxacin ear drops for anti-inflammatory, or oral eucalyptus citrinopine enteric-coated soft capsules to promote the drainage of fluid in the middle ear cavity.After active treatment, the patient’s deafness should be improved.

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