Causes and prevention of hearing loss

The pressure of contemporary life is high, and various diseases are entangled around us. The most terrible thing is “being deaf before you are old”. There are actually many causes of deafness. Therefore, understand the causes of hearing loss in the ears and do a good job in preventing hearing loss. Very important.

(1) Living environment: The research on the law of hearing aging shows that people living in prosperous big cities or downtown areas, due to the noisy noise in the environment at any time, hearing aging faster than people living in secluded mountainous and rural areas; Heavy industry production is faster than farmers, which is related to the long-term exposure to noise in the living environment; manual labor is faster than mental labor, which is a general rule.But specific to each person, it also has a lot to do with family living standards, personal nutrition, and health.

(2) Whole body condition: As far as each person is concerned, the speed of hearing aging is affected by the condition of the whole body, such as genetic factors, nutritional status, metabolic condition and one’s own mental condition may all become the cause of hearing aging.According to the data currently available in the research, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, nephritis, liver cirrhosis and other diseases can promote hearing aging.Therefore, it is not comprehensive to only focus on the ears to prevent hearing aging. It is necessary to focus on the whole body.

(3) The cause of the ear itself: For patients with chronic ear diseases, such as secretory otitis media or chronic suppurative otitis media, due to long-term inflammatory stimulation, various auditory injuries did not show special changes at that time.But it can also be the cause of hearing loss.However, if you don’t pay attention in normal times, some unilateral deafness is often difficult to detect, and it is often found in occasional tests.

So how to prevent hearing loss?

(1) Get rid of the habit of digging out your ears.Ear removal can cause damage to the ear canal and tympanic membrane, and sometimes complicated by infections, causing hearing loss.To take out earwax, you can take a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of ear canal cleaning solution and gently wipe around the ear canal to solve the problem of earwax.

(2) Prevent water from flowing into the ears when washing hair or bathing.Because the skin and tympanic membrane are soaked in water, coupled with the stimulation of cerumen (that is, earworm, earwax), it is easy to cause external otitis, and water into the ear can cause otitis media.Therefore, ear canal cleaning fluid can also be used to treat water in the ear.

(3) Stay away from noise and explosion sites (including setting off firecrackers), because louder noise can cause noise-induced deafness, and explosion sound will cause blast-induced deafness.

(4) Stay away from tobacco, alcohol and ototoxic drugs because they are toxic to the auditory nerve.

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