What habits in our lives can cause hearing loss?

What habits in our lives will causeHearing loss?

2. Long-term noise intrusion.Whether it is the sound of a machine or a horn, as long as it is a noisy and disorderly sound, it will damage the eardrum.In daily life, try to avoid long-term exposure to noisy environments, such as the sound of firecrackers or the rumbling of machine tools. If you are forced to contact, you must take protective measures.

5. Unreasonable use of ears.When young people listen to music, they like to turn on the speakers very loudly, or wear earphones to listen to MP3 and MP4 for a long time. These are harmful to the eardrum.According to the standard, the sound that exceeds 80 decibels for a long time is even noise, whether it is music or other types of sound, it is not good for the ears.

6. Emotions and nervousness.The most obvious example is a quarrel.Regardless of family conflicts or conflicts between colleagues, once a dispute arises, anger may lead to tinnitus or more serious conditions.In addition, long-term mental stress, leaving the mood in a depressed and unpleasant environment will lead to insomnia, and it will also cause damage to the auditory nerve for a long time.

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