What should I do if my hearing is damaged after an earthquake?

2008The Wenchuan Earthquake in XNUMX began, the Yushu Earthquake, the Ludian Earthquake in Yunnan, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and the Great Nepal Earthquake that just occurred last month.7In the past few years, strong earthquakes have occurred in many countries around the world, and my country is often affected.The public cannot help but worry, does continuous strong earthquakes mean that earthquakes will become more frequent?In the face of sudden disasters and hearing loss in an earthquake, how to recover and take care of it?

Since most of the auditory organs are buried in the head, hearing damage is often combined with head trauma in the disability caused by earthquakes.The early stages of this type of injury are often masked by other symptoms of traumatic brain injury and are not easy to detect.After the dangerous period of brain injury, the corresponding symptoms, such as tinnitus,Hearing loss, Dizziness, some patients with temporal bone fractures will have complete or incomplete facial muscle paralysis.

According to the different parts of the injury, the type of hearing loss and the impact on life are also different.Damage to the outer ear generally does not cause hearing loss.

Middle ear damage is mainly caused by the rupture of the tympanic membrane and the interruption of the ossicular chain, and the hearing loss will not exceed60In decibels, you can hear loudly speaking, and you can hear clearly and understand.When nursing, pay attention to placing a sterile cotton ball at the mouth of the ear canal to prevent dust and shampoo and face water from entering the ear. As long as there is no infection, most of the tympanic membrane perforation can heal automatically

The interruption of the ossicular chain can be repaired by surgery in the future, and the hearing will be restored without leaving permanent hearing damage.

Inner ear, auditory nerve, and auditory center injuries lead to hearing damage. The main feature of hearing impairment is the decline in the ability to distinguish speech sounds. The injured can hear people’s voices but cannot distinguish the meaning.Rehabilitation measures for this type of hearing loss are to wait for the hearing loss to stabilize and then wearHearing aidOr implant a cochlear implant to compensate for the loss of hearing.For children who have not fully developed speech, speech rehabilitation training should be carried out in time to prevent the occurrence of language barriers.

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