Prevent recreational tinnitus and pay attention to the hearing of young people

Usually in our impression, tinnitus is a disease of the elderly.As people get older, their hearing will naturally decline.This has almost become our common sense.However, tinnitus has also caught up with the “younger” army.Now more and more young people have symptoms of tinnitus.Statistics show that among the 1.3 million tinnitus patients in China, nearly 1 million are middle-aged and young people. Moreover, the current trend of tinnitus onset is developing towards a younger trend.

Liu Li is an employee of a foreign company. Because of her passion for dancing, she has at least three days in a week to dance at a dance floor of at least 80 decibels for more than 3 hours.Over time, her ears kept ringing. -She didn’t care at first, and the ballroom was still pictured correctly. However, the tinnitus sound developed from the initial buzzing to violent noises, and the huge tinnitus had been “noisy” and she was upset.As a result, she cannot sleep at night and her sleep quality is extremely poor, which led to an extreme decline in her work status the next day, which directly affected her life and work.

Regarding this situation, experts believe that studies have shown that noise is one of the important causes of hearing disabilities. The main sources are industrial noise, construction noise, traffic noise and social life noise.Among them, social life noise, including entertainment noise, is the most common damage to hearing in recent years.With the popularization of electronic products such as mobile phones and tablet computers and the increase in entertainment venues such as karaoke bars and bars, the public, especially young people, are at an increasing risk of noise-induced hearing loss due to improper use.

Experts pointed out that tinnitus has now become a worldwide medical problem. So far, no good method has been found to treat tinnitus.At present, in addition to drug treatment, the general treatment of tinnitus is to allow tinnitus patients to carry out noise masking treatment with the help of devices.Such as tinnitus maskers,Hearing aid, Special tapes and CDs, as well as small radios, televisions, etc.Generally speaking, it is good, they can relieve the degree of tinnitus to a certain extent.

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