How to improve speech discrimination ability after hearing loss?

      The advantage of wearing a hearing aid is that it can effectively compensate for the loss of hearing, and then encourage the patient to communicate with others frequently, so as to improve the speech resolution.Although hearing loss is irreversible, speech resolution can be improved through intervention.Generally, the hearing loss of the elderly is gradual, that is, with the passing of time, they gradually feel that they cannot hear what others are saying, especially in a noisy environment.This is due to the loss of certain frequency bands. If the words in these frequency bands are not heard for a long time, words will be lost, forming “language degradation”. At this time, the brain’s ability to recognize language is also degrading.The longer the hearing loss, the worse the speech recognition.

      The reason for poor speech discrimination is that hearing is not good for a long time. It is necessary to solve hearing impairment by fitting hearing aids. It takes a certain process to gradually improve hearing. It is not possible to listen well with hearing aids immediately. The recovery time, especially for people with poor verbal discrimination, may take longer. You can go to a professional fitting agency to find out and experience it. It is definitely better than not wearing a hearing aid.

      6. The most important thing is that some patients with hearing loss are autistic due to poor communication with others and do not like to talk.Put onHearing aid, To communicate with people more, can effectively improve the speech recognition rate.

      The longer the hearing loss, the worse the resolution ability. Generally, people with hearing loss for more than three years will experience varying degrees of functional degradation of the posterior cochlea auditory nerve and brainstem cortex, leading to a decline in speech resolution.Generally speaking: the longer the hearing loss, the more severe the hearing loss, the lower the speech resolution, and the less satisfactory the hearing aid effect.

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