How can the hearing impaired elderly restore their hearing?

With the increase of age, many elderly people feel that the aging of the functions of the body’s organs is normal, especially the hearing loss of the elderly, which is regarded as an inevitable event.But experts say that as long as through scientific treatment, about 80% of patients with presbycusis can be cured or partially recovered.The challenges faced by the elderly in hearing rehabilitation mainly come from four aspects: cognition, money, time investment, and perseverance.

XNUMX. Cognition

The understanding and attitude of hearing aid fitting technicians on the importance of hearing rehabilitation is the key to the success of hearing rehabilitation for the elderly.Auditory rehabilitation is often associated with lip-reading and auditory training. Many hearing aid fitters do not realize the importance of auditory rehabilitation, and thus fail to teach the hearing impaired the relevant knowledge.In fact, every new hearing aid user needs to go through a systematic process of hearing rehabilitation.

XNUMX. Money

In China, unlike children’s hearing rehabilitation, there is no charge for the elderly’s hearing rehabilitation.Therefore, the vast majority of hearing aid users cannot obtain correct hearing rehabilitation, which has caused many hearing aid users to be dissatisfied with hearing aids, and even the phenomenon of buying hearing aids and leaving them unused.Although hearing aid opticians are very confident in the effectiveness of hearing aids, they can persuade the hearing impaired to buy expensiveHearing aid, But data shows that new hearing aid users can only get the best hearing aid effect after receiving the system’s hearing rehabilitation.

XNUMX. Time investment

Systematic auditory rehabilitation really takes time. If you are really busy, you can list the necessary auditory rehabilitation and complete it within 1 hour.If you really don’t have time, you can say to your hearing impaired person with a problem-solving attitude: “I want to know if you have any special difficulties and help you find a solution.” In this way, you can save time the most The way to solve the problem of rehabilitation of the hearing impaired.

Four, perseverance

How to implement hearing rehabilitation in place is more important.There are many models of auditory rehabilitation for reference by hearing aid fitters.For example, develop a 5-week hearing rehabilitation plan for each new hearing aid user, and conduct 24 sessions on hearing rehabilitation, lip reading, and hearing training.Hearing aid opticians can formulate a hearing rehabilitation model that suits them according to their own understanding and needs.Only by seriously implementing hearing rehabilitation for each hearing impaired can the hearing impaired be more satisfied with hearing aids and the hearing impaired will recognize your services and technology.

In addition, medication must be used with caution.Elderly people can supplement vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E in appropriate amounts, and try to avoid using ototoxic drugs, such as gentamicin, streptomycin, kanamycin, neomycin, etc., because these drugs can easily cause hearing damage .

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