What does tinnitus sound like?Buzzing, hissing?

What does tinnitus sound like?Buzzing, hissing?

      2. There is also a low, wind-like whirring sound in our ears that is conductive tinnitus. This is actually tinnitus warning you that the conduction part of your auditory system is obstructed, and you look like the external auditory canal is swollen. And blockage and tympanic membrane perforation, etc., we can cover our ears with one hand, and we will feel this kind of noise.

      XNUMX. Eat more zinc-containing diets: Studies have shown that the content of zinc in the cochlea is much higher than other organs.This shows that the ears have very high requirements for zinc, and zinc deficiency is one of the causes of tinnitus.In daily life, diets that contain more zinc include various seafood, eggs, beef, fish, chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, apples, walnuts, cabbage, and radishes.

      XNUMX. Eat more iron-containing diets: Too little iron will cause red blood cells to harden and cannot effectively pass through the capillaries of the inner ear. At this time, insufficient oxygen and nutrition will cause ear damage and cause tinnitus.Therefore, it is very important for patients to eat more iron-rich foods.Common foods with high iron content are seaweed, black sesame, dried shrimp skin, black fungus, soy products and so on.

      Reminder: Tinnitus needs to be treated in time, because long-term tinnitus can lead to the breeding of mental illness, personality changes, bad temper, and no source of health, I hope patients and friends will pay attention to it.

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