Don’t let your ignorance ruin BB’s hearing

The ear, as an important part of the human body, plays a very important role.Therefore, we should not only pay attention to protecting children’s ears, but also prevent all dangerous actions that can damage the ears.It is hard for us to imagine what the world of a child without hearing is like, so we must cherish the child’s ears and protect his hearing.

XNUMX. Behaviors harmful to children’s ears

1. The sound of the TV, audio and other equipment at home is too loud to cause damage to the child’s ears.

2. Children grow up in a noisy and loud environment for a long time, which is very harmful to their ears.

3. Adults often help children to dig their ears, or children like to dig their ears, or even stuffing things like shredded paper into the ears, will cause damage to the ears.

4. The child is naughty, the parent slaps the child, or the child runs mischievously and hits the ear, which will cause damage to the ear.

5. When the child is sick, the parent pinches the child’s nose and instills the medicine, which is also harmful to the ears.

6. Feeding a baby while lying flat can easily cause damage to the ears.

7. When a child has a cold, parents like to pinch the child’s nose to let the child spit out the nasal mucus, or ask the child to cover his mouth when he is sneezing, which will directly cause more or less damage to the ears.

8. I didn’t pay attention before taking the medicine. Some medicines can damage the child’s ears.

XNUMX. How to protect children’s ears in peacetime

1. In daily life, don’t let children wear headphones, and the audio equipment at home should not be turned on too loudly, and should be controlled within a certain comfortable decibel range.

2. When parents talk to their children, don’t always yell loudly, speak softly, and don’t yell next to their children’s ears.

3. Don’t slap your child casually. Although this is a kind of “education method” for parents, it is not good.

4. Don’t give your child any medicine. You must follow the doctor’s advice when you give your child medicine, so as to better ensure the child’s health and safety.

5. Don’t dig out your child’s ears. If the earwax is too large, it is best to clean it up by a professional ear doctor, otherwise accidents may occur due to improper operation.

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