Will noise-induced tinnitus affect hearing?

Will noise-induced tinnitus affect hearing?

       Noise-induced tinnitus can obviously cause various effects and damages to one’s own hearing, and when hearing is affected and begin to decline, if it is not possible to treat noise-induced tinnitus in a timely manner, it will As a result, patients will have symptoms of deafness.

       There are many reasons for hearing loss. For example, the surrounding environment is very noisy. Long-term exposure to a noisy environment will cause damage to the hair cells on the cochlear basement membrane, which will gradually reduce hearing.Some ototoxic drugs can also affect hearing.The inner ear is the “factory” that produces sound. The job here is to convert the mechanical energy of sound waves into electronic energy, so that the sound can be accepted by the brain along with the auditory nerve.If the inner ear is damaged, hearing loss may occur.

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