Protect your ears, a beautiful life starts with listening

The ear is an indispensable receiver for language communication and music appreciation. A beautiful life begins with listening… Many adolescents today like loud sound stimulation, which may cause hearing impairment for a long time. It is necessary to strengthen the health care of the ear and prevent it. Noise-induced deafness.

Hearing Aids Made in China专家介绍:“按普通人的听觉,一分贝是刚刚能觉察到的声音,数值越高,声音强度越大,其感觉可分为几个声音段:0-20分贝:很静;20-40分贝:安静,犹如轻声絮语;40-60分贝:一般,如普通室内谈话;60-70分贝:吵闹,有损神经;70-90分贝:很吵,神经细胞受到破坏;90-100分贝:吵闹加剧,听力受损;100-120分贝:难以忍受,呆一分钟即可暂时致聋;120分贝以上:极度聋或全聋。”

6 ways to protect your baby’s small ears

1. Avoid blind medication during pregnancy to prevent viral infections.

2. When feeding, it is best to let the baby take a semi-sitting position.

3. You must go to the hospital to clean up your baby’s earwax.

4. After respiratory tract infection, ask the baby if he has ear discomfort.

5. Don’t take an airplane if your baby suffers from a cold and otitis media.

6. Don’t let your baby wear headphones for a long time.

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