Correctly understand your own hearing problems

Most patients often suffer from psychological barriers due to their hearing problems.Therefore, while understanding the patient’s hearing problems, professionals also need to understand their psychological problems, and understanding the patient’s psychological dynamics often takes more time and energy.Due to the misunderstanding of hearing loss in society for a long time, most hearing impaired patients have heavy ideological burden.They often come with fear, depression, loneliness, and insecurity when they come to see a doctor.Therefore, the understanding of professionals can often help them correctly understand their own hearing problems.

In the initial stage of follow-up, professionals can use the patient’s medical records to get a general understanding of their situation.However, in the initial conversation, the staff can gradually understand the patient’s psychological changes through continuous observation, and while continuously encouraging the patient, they also establish a good relationship with the patient.It is necessary for patients to correctly realize that the impact of hearing problems on society and psychology is an important step in their recovery process, so that patients can establish confidence in recovery.

In addition, most patients worry about wearingHearing aidWhether it causes the continued decline of hearing, in this regard, a professional hearing aid optician should explain that the professional selection of hearing aids is very important, and proper selection will not cause damage to their hearing.Let the patient understand this situation to help them accept it in their heartsHearing aid.

Patients with hearing loss usually expect that after using hearing aids, they can effectively recognize various environmental sounds and alarm sounds, and improve their speech comprehension to the greatest extent.For patients who are matched for the first time, failing to meet expectations in a short period of time will often cause negative psychological problems, which are related to their depression.Therefore, before matching, professionals should introduce to the patient the help of hearing aids and the limitations of their use, so that they can establish expectations, maintain a good attitude, and make hearing aids play the best role in their lives.

Another common psychological problem is that patients often hide their deafness time.Many patients with progressive deafness often insist that they have only recently discovered that they have poor hearing problems, when in fact they have been deaf for many years.Since concealing the history of deafness will affect the effect of rehabilitation, professional opticians provide necessary consultation and assistance to patients on this issue.

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