Causes and prevention of neurotic tinnitus

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaSenior fitter Zou Yong said: “Neurological tinnitus is a disorder of the sensory nerve part of the auditory system. When the inner ear auditory receptors are diseased, such as drug poisoning, noise trauma, Meniere’s disease, etc.; the auditory nerve and auditory center suffer Tinnitus occurs when trauma or inflammation, poisoning, ischemia, etc.; and various intracranial lesions affect the auditory nerve or auditory center. This kind of tinnitus is mostly high-frequency cicadas or ear-piercing screams.”

The causes of neurological tinnitus are:

1. Noise:Both violent shocks and prolonged noise exposure can cause hearing loss and tinnitus.Those who work in a high-intensity noise environment should pay attention to noise protection, such as reducing noise sources or wearing protective earmuffs, earplugs, etc.In addition, be careful not to use the Walkman headset in a noisy environment for a long time and at high volume.

2. Excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, and emotional stress can also lead to tinnitus.

3. Bad habits:Caffeine and alcohol can often aggravate tinnitus symptoms; smoking can reduce blood oxygen, and inner ear hair cells are extremely oxygen-sensitive cells, so hypoxia can cause damage to hair cells, so pay attention to changing bad habits.

4. Ear diseases, such as external ear diseases:
Otitis externa, cerumen embolism, foreign bodies in the outer ear, etc., acute and chronic inflammation of the middle ear, perforation of the tympanic membrane, otosclerosis, Meniere’s syndrome, and acoustic neuroma of the inner ear can all cause tinnitus.

5. Vascular diseasesTinnitus can also occur, such as glomus jugularis, dilation of small blood vessels in the ear, vascular malformations, hemangioma, etc. Tinnitus from veins is mostly noisy, and tinnitus from arteries is consistent with the pulse.

6. Some other systemic diseases can also cause tinnitus:Autonomic disorders, lack of blood supply to the brain, pre-stroke, high blood pressure, hypotension, anemia, diabetes, and malnutrition.

7. Excessive use of drugs that are toxic to ears:Such as gentamicin, streptomycin or kanamycin, etc., tinnitus and hearing loss can also occur, and tinnitus occurs earlier than hearing loss.


So how to prevent it?


1. Plug your ears for bathing, prevent dirt from entering your ears.

Plug ear bath to keep the external ear canal clean and hygienic is an important part of preventing ear diseases.If dirty water enters the ear, it can often cause pain in the ear canal, redness and swelling, and even perforation of the tympanic membrane and pus.Therefore, when bathing, swimming, and washing your hair, clean cotton should be used to block the opening of the external auditory meatus to prevent water from entering the ears.When swimming in rivers and ponds, if sewage gets into your ears, you should immediately clean the ear canal with clean cotton.


2. Pay attention to hygiene and abstain from picking ears.

The ear canal hole is small and deep, and the tympanic membrane is very thin. If hard objects such as iron, wood, bone, etc. are used to dig the ear in a crowded environment, it is often easy to cause trauma to the ear canal or even trauma to the tympanic membrane. Pain, bleeding, swelling, or hearing loss, etc., so you need to get rid of the habit of picking your ears.


3. Educate children to prevent foreign bodies from entering their ears.

Teach children not to put toys, beans, food, paper scraps and insects into the ear canal to avoid causing foreign bodies in the ear canal.If the ear canal is painful, the hearing is impaired, or even running water and pus, it is necessary to check in time and remove the foreign body.


4. Use ototoxic drugs with caution.


5. The entertainment is moderate and the volume is moderate.

The tympanic membrane is very thin, and if the volume is too loud, it is easily damaged.Therefore, the volume of the Walkman, MP3, TV, tape recorder, and audio should be moderate, and the pitch should not be too high or too low.If the sound enters the ear, there is discomfort, or even pain in the heart of the ear, or it affects face-to-face conversation and upset people, indicating that the volume is too loud. Avoid it or reduce the volume.If you are working in a noisy environment for a long time, you should wear noise-proof earplugs and check your hearing regularly.

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