Tai’an girl loses hearing due to improper medication

They are a special group of children, they were originally healthy when they were bornchildHowever, because of a common cause, they suffered severe physical disabilities and brought suffering to their families that they shouldn’t have.

A thunderbolt child is deaf due to medicine

“Dad loves me, mom loves me. I like dancing and singing.” This cutegirl, Named Linuo, was originally a healthy child when she was born, but now, due to severe hearing impairment, she can only rely on the help of a cochlear implant to communicate with her family.

Li Nuo’s mother sadly told reporters: “Li Nuo once told her that other children don’t have cochlea, but I have cochlea. She thought she was very proud of wearing a cochlea because she was ignorant. When she said that , It’s not a taste in my heart.”

Similar to Linuo, Xiaoyu of Ningyang County, Tai’an also lost her hearing when she was three years old.Due to family poverty, Xiaoyu did not put on a cochlear implant until she was 10 years old, and her language development has been seriously lagging behind.

Due to the difficulty of recovery at an older age, Xiaoyu spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on treatment before and after treatment. The whole family is now impoverished. Xiaoyu’s sister had to drop out of school and work to subsidize the family.

“Dropped out of school and went to a restaurant in Tai’an to wash the dishes. I will pay for the dishes first, so it’s so good that she can learn two characters!” Kong Xiaoyu’s mother said.

According to family memories, whether it was Sun Linuo or Kong Xiaoyu, their hearing loss was not caused by congenital, but from their common medication experience.

Linuo’s grandfather recalled: “I went to a private clinic and had a fever and took some medicine. I don’t remember what medicine I took now.”

Xiaoyu’s family told reporters that Xiaoyu had a fever and diarrhea at the age of three, and his family treated Xiaoyu according to the diarrhea. In the end, he lost his hearing.

Due to the lack of relevant knowledge, the families of the two hearing-impaired girls did not trace the cause of the childrendeafThe detailed reason.What caused the child to become disabled has become a knot in their hearts.

s 3 children across the country are deaf every year


Zhang Hanbing, deputy chief physician of the Department of Otolaryngology, Qilu Hospital, said: “From these two cases, it is not completely certain that the deafness must be caused by drugs. Because they did not undergo genetic testing, drug-induced deafness is hereditary. For the history of deaf patients in the family, we recommend a deafness gene test.”

The so-called drug-induced deafness gene detection refers to the use of genetic testing technology to find whether the newborn is carrying the drug-induced deafness gene, and to avoid the use of ototoxic aminoglycoside drugs early to avoid the occurrence of tragedies.

“Because of drug-induced deafness, if you carry this gene, you are very sensitive to drugs. The dose of drugs does not need to be large, and it may be a small dose, which will cause deafness.” Zhang Hanbing said.

The widespread existence of drug-induced deafness also reflects the lack of special medicines for children in my country.According to industry insiders, for a long time, many children have been treated as “downscaled adults” when taking medicines. According to the principle of “decrease for children”, adult medicines are given to children. widely exist.However, the physical condition of children is different from that of adults, and the metabolism of drugs is also different.The survey shows that the adverse drug reaction rate for adults is about 6%, the adverse reaction rate for children is 12.9%, and that for newborns is as high as 24.4%.To reduce the risk of child drug poisoning, in addition to continuing to promote the development and popularization of genetic testing technology, “tailor-made” children’s exclusive medication is also urgent.

Lack of research and development of children’s drugs is a shortcoming

The reporter learned that my country’s children’s drug research started relatively late, laws and policies are relatively inadequate, and factors such as difficulty in research and development, high research and development costs, and unobvious pricing advantages have also discouraged many pharmaceutical companies from special drugs for children.At present, there are only a dozen or so companies specializing in the production of medicines for children in my country.In response to this situation, in recent years, the National Health and Family Planning Commission has successively issued a number of targeted policies in an effort to resolve the shortage of special medicines for children in China as soon as possible.

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