Ear treatment also has its “golden” stage

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaAccording to Gu Xinhua, an expert, there are many factors in our lives that may affect our hearing. The first thing that bears the brunt of this is age and environmental factors.For example, as the age increases, the hearing level will definitely gradually decline; in addition, long-term exposure to high noise environment, it is also easyHearing loss.


There are other factors that may damage your hearing, but you have not paid attention to it.Take, for example, more and more cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, these diseases will also affect your ears.This is because diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure can cause vascular disease, which not only affects your heart and brain blood vessels, but also affects the blood circulation in the ears, leading to hearing loss. In addition, some medications may also cause tinnitus. Long-term tinnitus not only affects rest and personal emotions, but sometimes also causes hearing loss.


See a doctor within 48 hours for sudden hearing loss


Chinese hearing aid expert Wu said: “Due to the influence of various factors such as life stress, the age of sudden hearing loss is gradually getting younger, and anxiety after the onset will also affect the effect of treatment. However, the survey found that only about 2 % Of the patients’ hearing was partially recovered within 2 weeks of onset, and some patients even showed continuous hearing loss.”




A warm reminder for hearing aids made in China: Ear treatment also has its “golden” stage, such as the treatment of sudden hearing loss, it is recommended to see a doctor within 48 hours of hearing impairment, so as not to delay the golden period of treatment.


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