Analysis: the secret relationship between ears and health

The kidney resuscitates the ear: “Lingshu·Five Readings and Five Envoys” says: “The ear is the official of the kidney.” “Lingshu·Maidu” says: “The kidney qi flows through the ear, and the kidneys and the ear can hear the five sounds. “Kidney is the viscera for storing essence, and if the kidney essence is abundant, the marrow sea is surplus, and the ear orifice is nourished and provided, which manifests itself as hearing cleverness.Hearing Aids Made in ChinaReminder: The hearing loss is related to the decline of the essence and qi in the kidney.


By observing the ears, we can infer the health of the body.The observation of ears is mainly carried out from the aspects of color, luster, morphological changes, and location diagnosis.


Color and gloss As far as the ears are concerned, normal people’s ears are rosy and shiny, which is a manifestation of sufficient kidney essence; if the ears are dry and not shiny, it reflects the lack of kidney essence in the body.


The ears are pale in color, which is more common in cold and cold. It is also seen in people with insufficient yang qi in the body. Such people are more afraid of cold and bad winds, and have cold hands and feet.Ears are red and swollen, most of which are signs of “heating”, which are common in liver and gallbladder fire or damp heat.The auricle is dry and scorched, which usually occurs in the late stage of infectious disease or diabetes, because at this stage, the body’s yin fluid has been severely consumed.In some parts of the ear, it is punctate or flaky with flushing, dark red, dark gray, etc. It is more common in gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers and other digestive diseases.


Another aspect of morphological changes is to observe morphological changes.People with thick ears have sufficient kidney qi; people with thin and small ears often have kidney qi deficiency.People with nodular or cord-like bulges, spot-like depressions, and lack of luster in the ears often indicate chronic organic diseases, such as liver cirrhosis, tumors, and so on.


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