Why is the tympanic membrane normally deaf and tympanic membrane perforation but not deaf

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaAccording to experts, patients often wonder: The doctor’s examination has proved that my tympanic membrane is normal. Why am I deaf?


Many other people think that without the eardrum, they will not hear the sound, and if the eardrum is perforated or broken, they will definitely become deaf.

In many people’s minds, the tympanic membrane is the most important part of the auditory system.If there is a problem with the tympanic membrane, you will be deaf.


In fact, in the human auditory system, although the tympanic membrane is important, it only plays a “small role”.The main function of the tympanic membrane is to transmit external sound signals to the inner ear in an appropriate manner.In addition, the tympanic membrane also has the ability to amplify sound signals, which is about 27dB. Although 27dB is quite a lot, it won’t be a big problem for people with normal hearing to lose it, and it won’t even be detected.


Some patients with poor congenital development have no development of the auricle, external auditory canal, and middle ear, and their hearing loss is only about 60dB.It can be seen that the effect of the tympanic membrane is not very huge.What is really important in the auditory system is the inner ear and the auditory center behind it.Problems in these parts are not only the inaudibility of small sounds, but also the trouble of poor hearing ability and rejuvenation.Therefore, the tympanic membrane can be deaf as well, and it may be more severe deafness.


Hearing aid experts in China say that although perforation of the tympanic membrane does not necessarily result in deafness, the perforation of the tympanic membrane makes the middle ear lose its protective barrier. The middle ear is easily inflamed due to the invasion of external pathogens, and the hearing and health of patients will be more threatened.In order to avoid the emergence of other serious hazards, patients and friends also need immediate and effective treatment.

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