Old people are becoming more and more withdrawn? Turns out that hearing loss

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaExpert introduction: As the age continues to grow, the elderly’s high-frequency hearing continues to decline, and as it develops, full-frequency hearing loss will occur and cause presbycusis.Severe deafness can cause obstacles for the elderly to communicate with others, making them more and more withdrawn.


Therefore, when more than half of the following phenomena occur in the elderly, they may have mild or more hearing impairment, and they should actively seek medical treatment.


●I often feel that others are muttering and slurring.

● often ask others to repeat the speech.

●It often feels that children and women speak very hard to hear clearly.

●I often hear others talking, but can’t understand what others are saying.

● Often avoid attending social occasions because of hearing loss.

●Turn up the volume of the TV or radio frequently.

●It is not common to hear the chirping of birds in the suburbs.

●I often cannot hear others calling from behind.

● often ignore the phone ring or door ring.


China’s hearing aids reminded: Once the diagnosis is clear, timely, standardized and systematic treatment should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor according to the condition.After treatment, if the hearing is still difficult to recover, it needs to be selected under the guidance of professionalsHearing aid, And carry out early language training to minimize the impact of hearing impairment.


How to prevent neurological deafness?


●Pay attention to rest to prevent excessive fatigue and mental stress, so as not to cause insufficient blood supply to the inner ear.

●Away from places with excessive noise, the time with earphones should not be too long, and the sound should not be too loud.

●Use ototoxic drugs with caution.

●Scientific diet, reasonable nutrition, avoid the “three highs and one low”, that is, high sugar, high salt, high cholesterol, and low fiber.Usually eat more foods rich in trace elements, such as whole grains, vegetables, seafood, increase vitamin c, e, improve the role of oxide dismutase, so that the body’s use of oxygen increases, improve peripheral blood vessel flow, and protect the inner ear.

●Actively prevent and treat chronic diseases.Hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc. have a significant impact on presbycusis.


related information : There are three types of deafness


Popularization of hearing aids made in China: Deafness can be divided into three categories according to the location and nature of the disease: conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss and mixed hearing loss.The so-called conductive deafness refers to deafness caused by diseases of the middle and outer ears that cause sound wave propagation obstacles.Neurological deafness is caused by the sensory system of the inner ear and the conduction of the auditory nerve.If the disease invades the sound wave conduction system and the sensory nerve conduction system at the same time, it will cause conductive and neurological deafness, also known as mixed deafness.Deafness, presbycusis, and deafness caused by ototoxic drugs are all sensorineural deafness.

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