Research shows that the profession of drummer is prone to hearing loss

Speaking of deafness, many people feel scared, thinking about how to avoid it, how to prevent it, and try not to go to places with high decibels.But some people have to go, and they have to go every day. This is an occupational disease.For example, quarry workers, textile workers, welders, and drummers who use hand-held drills to drill.go throughHearing Aids Made in ChinaThe editor summarizes that the occupational diseases that drummers tend to commit are generally: 1. Nape and back pain 2. Wrist strain 3. Hearing loss.


Why is hearing loss?


In addition to the temporary hearing loss caused by work pressure and lack of rest, the main reason is that the work or environment is too large.Whether in performance or practice, drummers are always in a high decibel environment for a long time.Compared with other professions, the ears of drummers bear more pressure!


How to reduce hearing damage?


1. The main method is to reduce the heard volume.Using good-quality soundproof earplugs is the easiest and most effective method, and when choosing headphones, you should choose headphones with good soundproofing effects.Don’t be obsessed with the excitement of loud volume!


2. Give the ears enough rest time.Short-term hearing loss can be recovered, so it is recommended to have a 50-minute rest time every 10 minutes. Leave the drum stool to a quiet place to give the ears a temporary rest.If you are in a high decibel environment for a long time, you need to rest in a quiet environment, and try not to listen to music, and the best rest for your ears!


3. Distribute the exercises reasonably!The practice of basic skills can be done on the pad as much as possible, and the practice of the drum kit and the practice of the pad cross each other is also a very good way.


4. Massage the Chufeng acupoints and Tinghui acupoints of the ears, which can increase the blood circulation of the inner two and protect hearing.In addition, Chinese medicine believes that the kidney opens up to the ears, and taking kidney-tonifying foods will also help the ears.


Hearing loss is a problem that everyone must face as they grow older.However, hearing is especially important for a drummer, so protecting hearing is an important part of every drummer.I hope that while enjoying the joy that percussion brings us, you also pay attention to your own health and stay away from occupational diseases.

Link:      Research shows that the profession of drummer is prone to hearing loss

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