Symptoms, harm and prevention of tympanic membrane perforation

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaExpert introduction: The tympanic membrane is the leader in maintaining the human sound world. Its perforation is tantamount to losing the benchmark in the sound world.Perforation of the tympanic membrane usually shows symptoms of deafness and tinnitus in clinic, which is very harmful.




The clinical manifestations of tympanic membrane perforation are normal to moderate deafness, conscious obstruction, and even earache. A few hours later due to the production of exudate, the symptoms of earache are alleviated, often accompanied by tinnitus.At first, only simple congestion of the tympanic membrane was seen. With the inverted tympanic membrane, spotted hemorrhage appeared, causing sensorineural deafness.Explosive tympanic membrane perforation, squamous epithelial cysts are formed due to inversion of squamous epithelium into the tympanic cavity, which is prone to secondary infection.




Once the normal tympanic membrane (eardrum) is perforated:


1. The protective effect of the middle ear is damaged. The tympanic membrane is the side door of the middle ear, which separates the outer ear from the middle ear and protects the middle ear cavity.After perforation, external bacteria, sewage, and foreign bodies can cause infection and discharge of pus in the middle ear through the perforation.


2. Perforation causes hearing loss: the sound first vibrates the tympanic membrane, and then travels to the cochlea through the middle ear ossicular chain, which causes neural reflexes to form hearing. After the tympanic membrane is perforated, the effective vibration area of ​​the tympanic membrane is reduced, and the energy of external sound waves into the inner ear is weakened and appears. Hearing loss.



1. Do not remove the blood scab attached to the tympanic membrane.So as not to cause bacterial infection.Use sterilized cotton to gently stuff the mouth of the external ear canal to prevent dirt from entering the ear and causing infection.


2. It is forbidden to wash the external ear canal with water, and do not use any prescription ear drops, because this is not only useless, on the contrary, it can cause bacteria to enter the middle ear and cause infection.


3. If infection occurs and causes suppurative otitis media, treatment should be carried out according to otitis media.

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