Diabetes can cause deafness!This is not to scare you

Diabetes and deafness, these two seemingly ineffective diseases are actually closely related.Middle-aged and elderly people with tinnitus should pay attention to investigating the cause. Don’t neglect to test blood sugar at this time, because diabetes will increase the risk of hearing loss.




The study found that hearing impairment in diabetic patients is very common, the incidence of pure tone audiometry hearing impairment is 40.6%, the abnormal detection rate of otoacoustic emission is higher, and the left ear is more obvious.Tinnitus, deafness, and dizziness caused by diabetes are difficult to treat clinically. They are irreversible diseases and often worsen gradually. In severe cases, they can seriously affect the work, life, and study of patients.Strict and reasonable control of blood sugar is the basis for prevention and treatment of this disease. Active prevention and treatment of diabetic complications requires early selection of hearing aids to protect the hearing of patients.

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