Mouse study reveals possible factors for senile hearing loss

Johns Hopkins University recently discovered the possible cause of senile hearing loss.According to an article published by the Johns Hopkins team in the “Journal of Neuroscience” on July 7, its research in mice confirmed that the number of connections between certain sense organs increased the senescence of inner ear cells and nerve cells.When animals are exposed to loud sounds, these connections are usually attacked. Scientists believe that damage to these new connections in mice can also lead to senility.Hearing loss.

“The senescence of the sensory cells that connect nerve cells to the inner ear can inhibit hearing. Although it is not clear whether this happens only in older mice, it is very likely.” Dr. Paul Fox said. “If confirmed, our findings may one day provide a basis for doctors to treat or prevent senile hearing loss.”

If the same phenomenon occurs in the human ear, Fox and his team think there may be a way to form a new connection technology to help humans maintain normal hearing until old age.

Link:      Mouse study reveals possible factors for senile hearing loss

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