Ears: Master, please be nice to me

Hearing Aids Made in ChinaExperts said: “Have you found that your carelessness and bad habits are seriously harming the health of your ears? Please listen to the complaints of your ears before you move forward indifferently!”

I am afraid of your carelessness

Normal people’s ears have both sides and can feel sound stimulation at the same time, with clear volume and a three-dimensional effect.It is also because hearing can be felt in both ears, some people tend to ignore it when one is deaf in the early stage, and only attract attention until the deafness on both sides affects speech communication.Some patients found that one ear had been deaf for many years when they went to the hospital for physical examination.

In fact, many details in daily life may indicate that there is a problem with the ear.

After a child has a hearing loss, it may not be able to detect or communicate with the parents in time.Therefore, if parents find that their children always use one ear when answering the phone, they always like to make the voice louder when watching TV, and when others are speaking, they will listen to their ears, stare at their eyes, or stare at the speaker’s mouth. Attention should be paid to hearing tests in professional institutions.

Many young and middle-aged people are deaf, accompanied and covered by symptoms such as tinnitus and dizziness.After tinnitus and dizziness occur, they often think that they have become angry and have a kidney failure, so that they miss the best diagnosis and treatment period and leave life-long regrets.

The elderly have a louder voice and repeat words such as “what did you say”, “loudly”, “can’t hear clearly, say it again” and so on.Some elderly people become withdrawn and unwilling to communicate with others, which may be caused by hearing loss or even deafness.It can be seen that deafness not only affects physical functions, but also affects mental health.

I’m scared when I pick my ears

Many people like to dig their ears, and some family members even have the habit and hobby of digging their ears.In fact, ears are not suitable for frequent digging.Picking out your ears is not only bad for ear health, but it can also cause harm.

Some people use matches, keys, or unsterilized ear picks to dig out their ears, which may not only cause skin infections of the external auditory meatus, but may also be exposed to viruses and infect the external auditory meatus papilloma.For the elderly and diabetics, necrotizing otitis externa may be fatal.If water enters your ears while swimming or bathing, causing earwax to swell in your ears, causing deafness and stuffiness, you can go to the hospital for examination and the doctor will use a suction device to remove the earwax.

I’m afraid of foreign objects in the ears

I don’t like Walkman headphones and various stereo headsets.For the ear, these are foreign objects in the ear.The “beautiful noises” produced by them are all hidden dangers that cause deafness.Some children wear headphones to play games all night, and the harm should not be underestimated.

I’m afraid of unsuitable hearing aids

According to Chinese hearing aid experts, just as myopia and hyperopia require refraction before fitting glasses, hearing aids for deaf patients also need to be scientifically fitted.However, many people mistakenly believe that just buying a hearing aid can be used. In addition, they do not understand professional knowledge, use improperly, and have too high expectations. As a result, they cost a lot of money but fail to achieve the expected results, and even cause disputes.

Generally speaking, patients need to perform professional adjustment and maintenance under the guidance of professional hearing aid fitters and doctors in order to achieve the effect of hearing aid hearing compensation.In addition, whether it is for children with deafness, adolescents and elderly patients with deafness, the nature of hearing aids is just an auxiliary tool and should not have excessive psychological expectations.

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