Hearing changes and hearing aids need to be adjusted regularly after fitting

1. Hearing changes

Some patients’ hearing loss will increase over time or age.Such as heredityHearing loss, Senile hearing loss, patients with otosclerosis, etc.

2. During the wearing process, there will always be uncomfortable listening to certain sounds, and the program needs to be adjusted in time.

3.Changes in hearing aid performance

One that was originally debugged properlyHearing aidAfter a period of use, its acoustic performance cannot remain in the original state, and certain changes will inevitably occur. Just like all testing instruments need to be corrected frequently, when the performance of hearing aids changes, they need to be sent to professional institutions for testing and debugging.

Chinese-made hearing aid tips: The adjustment of hearing aids should be based on the actual situation of the patient.Generally speaking, there are fewer middle-aged and older children than young children, older children than younger children, and less stable hearing fluctuations than deaf patients with greater hearing fluctuations.For adults, hearing aids and ear molds can be readjusted according to hearing changes.

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